Thonet offers affordable, high quality, authentic designs sourced from select European companies.

To most, Bentwood stands as a shining example of what can be achieved through design. Its form both expresses and symbolises the manufacturing process that lay behind it. Technically simple, each piece embodies the principles of mass production: strong and durable, inexpensive to manufacture, and transportable in large quantities. Thonet bentwood chairs are made from European beech using traditional steam-bending methods. Part of the collection still arrives unassembled, and is carefully constructed in our Melbourne workshop by skilled craftsmen, as it has always been.

Thonet Australia is a family-run business based in Melbourne; our showroom is housed in a historic Victorian building which dates back to the 1880s. Here, the classic products are showcased through grand arched windows which peer out onto vibrant Brunswick Street. Our Sydney showroom in Roseberry is pared-back simplicity; a light and airy space full of natural light which perfectly captures the grains of the timber. Thonet Australia is also available through our interstate agents in Adelaide, Perth, Canberra and Brisbane.

Easy to live with, offering timeless appeal and simple functionality, the Thonet Australia collection reflects the Australian way of life—effortlessly combining classic European pieces with a relaxed and contemporary lifestyle, be it in your favourite dining establishment or within your own home.

Bentwood furniture has never altered. It has always been simple, utilitarian furniture; reasonably priced and available to everyone. The tradition continues.

Every Thonet product is chosen for its comfort, design excellence and suitability.  As well as bentwood, the Thonet Australia collection includes locally manufactured dining tables, as well as selected European brands that align with our commitment to authentic, high quality, sustainable furniture. These include the iconic Siesta collection from LK Hjelle of Norway and Tolix of France. We are also proud to include Swedish furniture manufacturer Stolab to our in-house collection, a brand whose designs testify to their love for the tactile warmth of wood as a material.

First launched in Melbourne in 1979, Thonet soon became synonymous with quality dining. And now, some forty years on, the design establishment still turn to us for that perfectly refined blend of form and functionality. Our products grace the interiors of the best homes, restaurants, cafes and commercial buildings throughout Australia and are proven by their very history to stand the test of time.

Thonet Australia is proud to be associated with the innovation and tradition of Michael Thonet. The bentwood furniture available today is manufactured in an original European factory established in 1880 by the Thonet family, still made to the exacting specifications of Michael Thonet’s unique and original designs; a testament to the true visionary that he was.

Our range of bentwood chairs are sold throughout Australia under the Thonet trade mark, and have been branded as a mark of authenticity. Bentwood furniture has never altered. It has always been simple, utilitarian furniture; reasonably priced and available to everyone. The tradition continues…